Rubber floor tiles :

These rubber floor tiles are used in commercial situations, where high traffic is the norm. Easy to clean flooring, chemically resistant so most types of cleaner can be used. resistant slip comfortable underfoot.

safety flooring :

Is widely used in public and commercial establishments. Each product in the range is designed to meet specific flooring needs as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. We provide slip resistant flooring for a wide range of environments as well as hygienic flooring for more specialised needs. Upgrading you lift car flooring could not be easier, Choose from many different styles and colour, in slip resistant compliant flooring.


Home access lifts :

We provide cost effective service plans for all home access lifts from stairlifts to platform lifts.

Main suspension rope replacement :

We replace all types of lift main suspension systems from the standard steel ropes to the flat belt system.

Diverters & Shaft Bearings : 

We have is place a local manufacture to repair / replace diverters and complete shaft bearing works.

Brake shoe lining replacements :

We have is place a local manufacture to replace shoe linings within 24hrs.

Hydraulic system :

We replace all types of hydraulic components from minor valve block seal to complete power pack and cylinders.

Lift car guide rollers :

We replace all types of lift car and balance weight guide rollers from food hoist to passenger goods lifts, this include shoe housing & guide liners.

Dock levellers / Table lifts : 

We can complete remedial works from water damage, failed component to complete power pack replacements. 


Lift shaft remedial works :

We can carry out all types of lift shaft remedial work from pit decontamination, water damage and building works to full insurance inspections.

Lift Removal :

We can remove all types of lift equipment from home access lift to industrial goods lifts.

Planned Service Maintenance :

We offer cost effective lift service maintenance. 

provide emergency call out for our customer 24hrs, 365 days a year.